Chapter one…the formalities

Hi there 🙂

I’m Serena and I’m a new mummy.

It’s hard not to make a declaratory status like that without sounding like a member of alcoholics anonymous – which by the way, i’m definitely not a member of. I got my double blue lines August 2015 and even now, 6 weeks post-partum- I still haven’t had a drop of alcohol pass my lips.

Here’s why.

I’m breastfeeding. Well sort of. No, i’m not one of those “BREAST FEEDING IS BEST. FORMULA IS FAILING YOUR BABY” kinda girls. I wanted to at least to try and breast feed to not only give my baby girl the best start in life but to also give us a great bonding experience. I didn’t in a million years believe I would be able to breast feed, I thought my breasts would be too small to feed.

I’m not just saying that for attention, by 30 weeks me and my husband had a prep station set up (prep machine, bottles, formula) all ready to feed our daughter when bringing her home. Well. She latched on straight away, the little milk monster. I was overjoyed. I felt like a superwoman being able to feed my baby and smugly calculated in my head the amount of money on formula i’d be saving per week/month/year.

Of course, this smugness soon wore off. My milk was coming out (jumbo pack of breast pads anyone?!) but my baby was loosing weight. I was devastated. The midwives sent me home on around day 5 (emergency C Section – i’ll talk about that later) and told me to keep feeding her on demand whenever she wanted. I did. A week later, she was still loosing weight. My milk was just not sustaining her. I had two options, to keep persevering and hope more milk would come, or try some formula. My baby gaining weight was the most important thing to me, so I started to add in some formula as well giving her some breast milk to keep up our bonding experience. The result, a chunky little baba! 6 weeks after having my 9lb4oz baby we are now up to 10lbs15oz and getting more and more cute each passing day. Breast feeding mamas, I salute you. Bottle feeding mums, you’re doing amazing.


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