The birth plan…or lack of it

I’m organised. Almost to an OCD level. So when it came to writing a birth plan, it was already signed, sealed and delivered before the first scan. Okay…sliiiiight exaggeration, but you get the idea. Me = organised. Birth plan = written. 

I wanted a natural birth. Gas and air. No epidural and definitely no Caesarian. Me and my husband lived on the top floor of a apartment and there was no way I could get up those flights of stairs with stitches in my stomach. 

My due date (21st April) comes and goes. My sweep a week later brings  on nothing. So there we were, 8am on a Monday morning nearly two weeks overdue waiting for our induction. 2cm dilated and excited to meet our daughter. 

Day 1. A slow releasing hormone in to my body. No contractions till 12 hours later after the hormone was released. Contractions get stronger. 2 cm dilated. 

Day 2. A stronger hormone. The worst contractions known to woman. I was moved to labour ward and started to think my baby is coming, my baby is coming. And then pain. So much pain. Painkillers? Pfft. Oral morphine? Didn’t even touch the sides. “Okay I think it’s time I tried the epidural” I said, annoyed at my self for the change of pain killer decision. The problem was you could only take an epidural at 4cm. And guess how many centimetres I was? The million pound question….ding ding ding. Yep, you guessed it. 2cm. 

Day 3. Day 3 of no baby. Day 3 of no shower. Day 3 of  losing patience. The midwives decided to break my waters because we was clearly not getting anywhere. Which they did quickly and reasonably painlessly. I could not believe how much water was coming out of me and as I slowly waddled to the birthing room, holding what can only be described as a giant nappy between my legs I believed this was finally the moment I was going to give birth. Strapped up to an IV to bring on my contractions I excitedly sat with my husband counting down till we glanced eyes on our little one. 

Hours pass. Patience thins and the pain gets more and more. A last glance at my cervix which is still at 2cm and before I could even spell Caesarian I was already booked in for one at 8pm that evening. Our May 4th Star Wars baby. This blog post is already long enough without mentioning about the other mix ups but nearly seven hours later from supposed c-section time, our little girl Amelia-Olive Joni Thornton was delivered via c-section weighing and impressive 9lbs4oz. Me and hubby were in love from her first cry. 

And the birth plan? Out the window. The midwives at Ipswich general hospital looked after me and my new little family so well in the next coming days and day by day I got a little stronger and could move around better. The day we was discharged, anxiety filled me as I worried about the stairs awaiting me at home. My own personal everest. But each step was a step closer to looking after my baby when we reached the top and that’s what kept me going. As well as the love and support from my husband and our families. 

Moral of the story. You can be as organised as me or you can leave everything to chance. Nobody knows what will happen and how their baby will arrive in the world. As long as they are happy, healthy and safe that’s all us mummies can ask for. 



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