The occasional Sleeping Beauty 

Two questions I’ve noticed I’m always asked. “How was the birth?” and “Is she keeping you up through the night?” 

Amelia-Olive sleeps quite well and has done since we brought her home. Now before you scowl at me, you’ll know from the other posts the birth wasn’t a walk in the park so I’m definitely not too lucky don’t worry. 

For a mum, I’d say aside from worrying every second that you’re going to break your little bundle of joy. The second biggest worry is something happening to your little one when they’re sleeping. We’re told over and over again not to let them over heat by dressing them appropriately and having a cellular blanket. That’s all well and good.  What if they’re too cold? What if I can’t hear them cry? 

Then it’s a case of where they sleep. Don’t let them sleep in a car seat or vibrating chair. Don’t drink or smoke around them or the room they will sleep. Don’t fall asleep holding them. Aaaah. 

Most frown on co-sleeping and if I’m honest, I probably did too. My Moses basket was next to our bed ready for her first night of sleep. Well, she hated her Moses basket and kicked off her cellular blankets. We probably got little more than two hours of sleep that first night. *Inserts matchsticks to hold up eyelids*

Now, me and the hubby do what works. Trying her in the Moses basket and seeing if she will settle, she’s a little better sleeping in it now but by no means loves it. I don’t believe any night she has slept with the cellular blanket on her so it’s probably just as well it’s Summer. Most nights we end up bringing her in to our bed after her 2am feed. Hubby has top and tailed me and the baby. He has slept at the end of the bed “like a dog” (his words, not mine) and even made a bed of duvets on the floor. I’m dreading what she will be like when we move her in to the cot as she seems much more settled by my side (or should that be near my milk) but for now I’m just going to enjoy my occasional sleeping beauty…




  1. I co-sleep with my daughter, she was fine until she outgrew her Moses Basket at 3 months but after that she wouldn’t sleep in her cot at all or wake up when I pop her in! Shes now 15 months and well… She’s still in my bed 😀 I love our cuddles and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 You’re doing so well and such an amazing Mummy 🙂 xxx

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    • Aw thank you Hun!! My little girl is 2 months and I reckon will be out of her Moses basket in the next month she’s so tall!! Cuddles in bed are the best and I bet your little girl and you have an amazing bond because of it! You have a great blog (reading your posts now😌) and are equally as amazing mummy ✌🏻️☺️xxx


      • They aren’t the greatest are they, Moses Baskets! They look gorgeous but they aren’t in them long 😦 they really are I love it, she wraps her arms around my neck and will fall to sleep that way and occasionally I wake up with kisses too! 🙂 thank you honey, I just read yours too! Keep up with being Super Mummy 😄xxx


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