I’m crap at dating. I really am. I married my first serious, serious boyfriend and plan to stay married to that wonderful man for the rest of my life. I lucked out with him, I know the saying is ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’ but for me dating was less like dipping my toes in a ocean full of guppies and more like a cage full of sharks. 

I get tongue tied, I speak too fast and I desperately try and think of a question to ask that doesn’t make my date feel like he’s sitting in an extensive interview. 

I thought those feelings of anxiety, fear and wondering “does he like me?!” were long gone since getting married and having a baby, turns out it’s only just the beginning. Instead of finding a man…I’m now looking to find mummy friends. Like dating, us new mums have a checklist of what our new perfect bff will be like – similar interests, children of around the same age, not too old, not too young – you get the picture. 

In the past week alone I’ve joined Facebook groups, connected with new mums on Twitter and through this blog, joined baby groups and even signed myself up to mobile app mush. In the dating world I’d be considered a little forward (slutty) or looking a little easy. In mum world I’m opening myself up to new opportunities for me and my Daughter to socialise and meet new people. I met a fellow new mum and her little girl a couple of days ago and we chatted for a full hour and a half with no silences or awkwardness. Of course this could be a fluke and not all mummy’s will be as easy to get on with but if all else fails we have one very important trump card we can use as a topic of conversation if all else fails…our pride and joy, our bundles of happiness, our little personal alarm clocks, our babies. 

So I’m going to continue using my “frinder” apps and hopefully meet some more mummies to talk tears, tantrums and troublesome new borns with. Keep going mamas ! ❤


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