Amelia Apparel

Baby clothes have never been so fresh and as fashionable as they are now and especially little girls outfits. I’m on maternity leave currently and therefore a mum on a budget. I want her clothes to be pretty, practical and still look good after a wash (as you know mummies, the amount of times you have to throw something in the wash a day is ridiculous – worst day; 5 outfit changes!) I get the majority of Amelia-Olive’s clothes from supermarkets…Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda all have lovely outfits for a third of the price of big department stores. I have got a couple of cheap items from Primark and they are perfect for throwing away after a few wears but I have found they come up a little small and also don’t wash up fantastic. I keep a look out for Sales (Next/Debenhams/Mothercare) and stock up on sizes ahead of time. When she was born in May I already had a stash of winter 6-9 and 9-12 months clothes! Her look is girly and pretty and I’m sure one day she will hate all the pinks and be a tomboy haha!

Today’s OOTD;

  • Dress from George at Asda (I think it was around £6)
  • Socks also from George at Asda (3 pairs for £2) 
  • Headband from Matalan (two in a pack for £2)


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