9 weeks in, 9 weeks out 

My daughter is 9 weeks old, the same age as what I saw her for the first time in my belly. Hearing her heartbeat for the first time and seeing her move was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced but also the most scary. I was going to be a mummy. 

Seeing her on that ultrasound only hit home that now I had this other person to care for and look after. I loved being pregnant but didn’t enjoy being actually pregnant. Every milestone was a worry for me…hearing the initial heartbeat, finding out everything was okay at the 20 week scan, counting the kicks and lastly delivering a safe and healthy baby. 

If I could tell me at the 9 week scan anything it would be this….

Enjoy every second of your pregnant. Your scans will be okay. Trust in yourself and your baby. I know your anxiety will make you pay for an additional two private scans to check your baby is okay, but she is. I know you’re adamant your baby is a boy, she’s not by the way! Those old wives tales are complete rubbish. Women have been growing healthy babies for millions of years and you and your baby is no different.

You’re going to be a great mummy! Your daughter is going to feel so loved by you and her daddy that spending your whole time worrying about financial restraints is only going to ruin the most magical nine months growing your baby. A baby needs to be fed, changed, clothed and loved. Don’t worry about not having your own house or your own car. She will be brought up in a house of love not a house of possessions.

Your body is never going to be the same during and post pregnancy but then deep down you knew this. You will put on weight and your body will stretch and shape to accommodate that little ball of love in there. Your husband will still find you attractive – probably even more so because you’re growing his first baby, his little girl. 

The 9 weeks you have so far spent with your daughter will be the best 9 weeks of your life. Sure, there will be sleepless nights and projectile vomit in your hair but then you see that smile-that real smile-and you know everything you have done to get to this point is completely worth it. Going from a two some to a family of three will be the most amazing change and everything you could have ever wished it to be. Please enjoy these 9 months, because your little baby will be here and growing up in the blink of an eye. Those teeny tiny baby grows will be stored away and the first size nappies will be a distant memory. Enjoy it. Enjoy your baby. Enjoy your family. You’re doing great, mummy xxx



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