The early bird catches the bargains

Me, hubby and Amelia-Olive braved the Next sale this morning (not at 5am thank you very much, I appreciated the slight Saturday morning lay in) and got some great new things for the little one. 

Like I said in a previous post, I love a good bargain for baby clothes especially as they aren’t in them for two minutes. I love Next clothes, the style, the quality and the durability – but it can be expensive. The Summer and Winter half price say is a great opportunity to stock up on some clothes for the next season at a snip of the price. 

Amelia-Olive is currently in 3-6 months clothes despite being ten and half weeks old so today’s haul was about buying ahead and securing her some Autumn/Winnter clothes in 6-9 and 9-12 month sizes. The 9-12 clothes I’m even going to store away as Christmas Presents for her. 

Only a week ago I was going to get the striped Peppa Pig leggings when they was £7.50, today’s price £3.50. The denim jeans with bunnies on were originally £14 and were down to an amazing £5. A multipack of 3 leggings were £5.50 and my deal of the day was the navy blue leggings for a single pound! Less than the cost of my favourite Starbucks Frappicino or a  meal deal for Boots. Perfect for when she starts crawling around and dirties up the leggings. I would have brought more if they had her size but at the price they had unsurprisingly flew off the shelves. 

See you in six months time Next for the Winter sale…


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  1. Amanda.Wolfe says:

    Great deals, I love a good sale!!!


    1. Me too!! Just wished I could get something for myself but as you know it’s always the children first hehe 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amanda.Wolfe says:

        OMG totally. I went to target last night bought tons of clearance pool toys I was so excited some things were. 30 cents! Nothing for me of course lol…


      2. Amazing!!! I wish I could go there right now I’d put all those toys away for Christmas…cheap skate mummy or just savvy mummy I think! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Amanda.Wolfe says:

        Savvy for sure💁!! I do the same, I have Christmas toy hiding places where I stash t them away🤗


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