The date night dilemma…

We found out we were having a baby a month before we got married. We don’t do things by half Mr Thornton and I. Being newlyweds with a baby is certainly a juggling act between keeping the spark between you and hubby and being a good mummy. Having only left A-O once since she was born, I had a mix of feelings towards our newest date night, a evening of racing at Newmarket, tickets that we brought when little one was born. She will be fine. I thought. We will be glad of the night off. I assumed.

It didn’t help that earlier this week my little baby had spent some time in hospital. So by the time Friday night rolled around I had talked myself in and out of going around six hundred and twenty two times. To cut a long story short, me and hubby had a lovely evening, won some money on the horses, had a giggle at some of the “interesting” outfit choices and for a few hours we were back to that young and in love couple we was pre A-O. I love my husband. I love my daughter. I want to have time with both together and separately. Of course the little bubba was never far from her mind and we even left the concert early for cuddles in bed, tutting at a couple of young women stumbling back along the hotel corridor drunkedly shouting at each other. The youth of today… 

Date night pre baby:

Shave legs. Tone and moisturise. New matching underwear. Spend forever applying make-up, blow drying and straighten hair. Go to an expensive, fancy restaurant and subtle brag to all your friends with a carefully chosen filter on your Instagram post. Cocktails. 

Date night post baby:

Feel excited for a night away from the little treasure and look forward to “adult time”. Shower twice (to wash off the poo/sick/milk smell) Shave legs, miss a section, wonder whether other half will notice. Start makeup, baby wants attention, go back to make-up. Wonky eyeliner wings. Too late to re-do. Unmatched underwear.  Choose a budget restaurant. Google deals for said restaurant. Download voucher, feel smug. Wonder if you will be judged for being a cheap skate. Check phone every 10 -no wait make it 5 – minutes for text from babysitter (mother) Arrive home before people start their nights out. Cuddle baby and wonder how you could miss them so much in such a short time. 

Aaaah, the difference…



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