Amelia Apparel 

Me and Amelia-Olive waited in all day yesterday for an Amazon order (that FYI came at 8pm! Why do Amazon orders seem to come so late recently or is it just me?!) So we decided we’re going to head out today on the look out for a swimming costume to take A-O swimming soon. It’s a lot cooler today and has rained on and off where we live so today I’ve dressed little one in this long sleeved dress – which was actually the first dress I brought when we found out she was a girl. I love girly dresses but think there’s so much great stuff out there that isn’t just pink, pink, pink. 

Today’s OOTD:

  • Bunny dress and tights were part of a pack from Mothercare. I did get it in the sale for £8.00 so it’s possibly it may not be about annoyed but there probably is an new season design design/colour. I love the mustard colour of the rights against the teal and blue tartan. 🐰

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