The first 12 weeks of motherhood…

My daughter has just turned twelve weeks today. I can’t believe I have a three month old baby and I’m finally a mummy. It’s been great, it’s been challenging, it’s been tiring and it’s been incredibly rewarding but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I had no previous knowledge of motherhood or parenting and therefore relied on both my mum and mother in law as well as my new best friend Google. It got me thinking that maybe there was other new mums out there who just needed some non judgemental help and advice on what to expect in the first three months. 

You will learn to do things one handed. Have a drink. Eat a bowl of cereal. Brush your teeth. All one handed. My little girl loves to be held and would sometimes scream bloody murder when I’d put her down. A screaming baby and a hot meal? Or a lukewarm dinner eaten with one hand whilst cradling your baby? You decide.

If your bottle feeding, I can only push you on one thing. 

Buy this ^^. Buy this now. 

The Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine is a god send. No exaggeration. No more boiling a kettle and letting it cool at 3am. This little beauty makes the perfect temperature bottle in just 120 seconds. It’s expensive (ranging from £60-£120) depending on the offers at each store but so so worth it when you have a crying baby desperate for a feed.

Sterilising is an essential part of the daily routine, I’m not doubting that. But if you leave the lid off your electric steriliser for a few minutes, don’t worry…a army of germs won’t charge in to your bottle and infect them. Be smart, keep things clean and sterile but don’t go OCD crazy. A little bit of germs help with your baby’s immune system. 

You will over buy clothes. You will be overstocked with 0-3 months because everyone will buy you newborn clothes. Don’t worry, however much you use a bib and muslin, I guarantee you’ll end up changing your little ones clothes at least three times a day. That sick and poo just keeps coming.

Baby poo. Soak it in warm water straight away or you will never get it out…

Baby products. Like 0-3 clothes you will receive it from everyone from Uncle Bill to your neighbour down the street. This is our baby toiletry box, 12 weeks on since A-O was born and has yet to be re-stocked yet. Below.

Lastly. Take photos! Enjoy your baby because even in the twelve weeks of my daughters life she has already changed so much in her looks and personality. I love taking her photo with the Mummy Milestone cards and documenting her early years. 



  1. Love your tips, so true everyone thinks you need 0-3 months but older age ranges even past 9-12 months is great, you can always store- if you are buying clothes in advance (in a sale etc) make sure it’s season appropriate- love this post!


    • Aw thank you! Absolutely we had so much 0-3 but also have piles of 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 she’s very well sorted! I love a good sale, especially the Next sale you can pick up clothes for next season and store them away for the half the price…savvy mummies! 😄


    • Haha! Back in the day when I would try and salvage clothes, now they all go straight in the in whilst i decide whether to wash her or wait till hubbys home for a nice “surprise” ;)! Thank you 🙂 having a good read of yours too, loving your writing 😀


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