Holiday-ing with a newborn…

I’ve seen and heard of enough horror stories of taking a baby aboard (crying non stop on the plane, becoming ill in a non English speaking country and generally hating the heat) to know I wasn’t going to take Amelia-Olive on a holiday outside of the UK anytime soon.

When she’s older we would love to take her to Disney, Paris or Florida, depending on how much money we can gather up or if we have any little siblings to account for. But for now, me and hubby have accepted our future holidays will be in a car drive away rather than a plane. 

We’ve just got back from a 4 day (3 night) weekend away in a little caravan in Scratby using a £9.50 pp holiday with the Sun Newspaper with AO’s nanna too. If you haven’t done one I highly recommend it. I believe it’s twice a year they advertise their holidays and you collect ten newspapers to get ten tokens and then pick 5 holiday parks in the UK (they even do Europe holidays for a little extra but we’ve yet to try that yet)

Having only one suitcase to fit all of our stuff we had to be conservative with packing. Which meant AO got all the space and me and hubby had about 10% of the case for our own clothes 😂 #thelifeofaparent. 

All in all we had a lovely holiday on a budget (space and money)

 I’ve included a couple of tips I learnt from our first mini-break away and hopes to show you taking a newborn away isn’t so daunting! 

  • Clothes are the most important – meaning pack whatever clothes you can but remember there’s plenty of shops on caravan sites and supermarkets nearby to get essentials like nappies, wipes, baby food if you don’t have the space to take them 
  • Two outfits a day is probably enough. Pack for all weather, suntan lotion for sunny days and hats and then cardigans and socks incase it’s hot
  • Find as many free activities as you can. We Took many walks to the beach and explored the local areas – free, fun and also was a great form of excercise
  • Check out Facebook or other social media pages for any events you think you might be interested in. We wanted to go to Africa Alive and saw the week before that over the weekend we was there one of the days was grandparents day – so we took my mum there and she got free entry there
  • Likewise, take advantage of Tesco club card vouchers, a month before going we exchanged some food vouchers for vouchers for Africa Alive meaning me and hubby also saved some money. Plus under 3’s are free – bonus!

Here’s a couple of photos from our trip…


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