No filter needed…

If you have me on Instagram you will see smiley happy photos of my daughter in perfect outfits. 

If you have me on Facebook you will see a happy wife and mother enjoying life as a new mum. Now, of course this is true. I am the happiest I’ve been in my whole life and owe that to my daughter and my family. Being a mummy is without a doubt the best job I’ve ever done. But as we know it’s never the bad days, arguments or sobbing in to a glass of Chardonnay days that go on to social media. 

I find “bad mummy” blogs hilarious and love reading the trials and tribulations of other mums making light of stressful situations at home with the kids. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a smug mummy, I’ve been covered in sick, wee and poo more than once. My brand new duvet has been covered in Ella’s Kitchen ‘peas peas peas’ and most of Amelia-Olive’s clothes have been stained in some way. So although it’s not going to be a common thing, here are some of the best photos I’ve took so far of Amelia-Olive that show just some of the mess my pup gets in to. It’s certainly not always sunshine and rainbows in the Thornton household.



  1. Hahaha I really enjoyed reading your post! SO true as moms we never share those bad days or so much of the messy moments but laugh so hard when we see it with someone else or see the memes for our situations. I totally get you! Your baby is SO adorable!


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