Amelia-Olive’s first Halloween 

This weekend was Amelia-Olive’s first Halloween. Last year I was about 4 months pregnant and me and the hubby dreamt of having our little baby here in their first Halloween outfit. And here she is…our beautiful Amelia-Olive I’m not one but two Halloween outfits (thanks Uncle Dean)

Although she is only six months she did like the lights and decorations around the house and it was a joy to see her face light up and the inflatable skeleton we placed next to her on the sofa. Me and the hubby carved our pumpkin and surpervised  AO whilst she decorated hers with a marker pen (no dangerous knife involved and it saved mummy having to carve yet another bloody pumpkin!! I’m definitely no pumpkin carver extraordinaire 🎃) 

Halloween is something me and Chris have enjoyed for the past 5 years. We’ve never really gone trick or treating ourselves and I’ll be honest it’s something I would have to put a lot of thought in to when she gets old enough to go out on her own. There are bad people out there, we all know that, and I think it’s important to give my daughter independence as well as protecting her innocence. For now, we will enjoy the decorations, savour the snacks and dress up our little girl (as well as us- we love a good dress up) 




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