Board games and babies 

At a recent party me and my best friend were discussing the contents of our Instagram posts. 

“Mines full of board games” She said. 

“And mines just photos of Amelia-Olive” I replied laughing. 

Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts and articles about why we shouldn’t be posting photos of our babies on social media. A woman from the States had even sued her parents for putting photos of her online when she was younger without her permission. Although  the majority of these posts/articles wasn’t exactly mum shaming those who did post, they couldn’t really see why some of us mummies did it. 

I have mum friends who rarely post about their children (one or two I didn’t even know they was pregnant!!) and some who post all day every day whether their child is crying, on the toilet or just generally being a little terror. I respect both of these types of mums decisions.

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. I do the best to protect my child. Making my Facebook account private and only posting photos online that I would be okay with displaying on show in my house. Meaning although I’ve took plenty of naked bum shots and bath pictures, they are stored in photo albums only my family and close friends have access to. Although I would like to believe everyone on my friends list is “safe”, I’m also not naive enough to think my photos can be accessed by people outside my primary circle of social media friends (this blog included) Sadly, we can’t protect their privacy from everyone without not posting at all. I’m not willing to do that, I have family and friends who don’t get to see my daughter that regularly because of distance (some even live four hours away) and seeing her pictures on Facebook or Instagram is the only way they see her growing up without having to send pictures to everyone individually (hey, I’m a busy mum remember) 

Now back to the board games and babies…our social media posts are full of images that make up our lives and what we love. What we like to do and what makes us happy. Five years ago my pictures were of uni nights out and frivalrous spending. Then fours years ago pictures of adventures with my boyfriend. He then turned in to my fiancé and then my husband – the photos reflected this. May 2016, our beautiful daughter arrived and our lives changed again. As did our Instagram posts. I’m so proud me and hubby made this wonderful little girl and now my job is being her mummy. Hence my photos reflect this. My best friend is a board game enthusiast, I can just about tolerate monopoly 😂 #badloser. I enjoy seeing her posts and learning the names of these games that I’ve never heard of. I find her posts interesting even though to her they are probably just second nature. She has yet to have a baby or get married (tho I can’t wait for when she does either!! 😬) and whether she chooses to display her pictures or keep them private – i won’t judge the decision she makes.

For those who are interested here are some pictures of my my beautiful little girl who I love sharing with you and will continue to post about.


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