Baby weaning 

This morning I’ve looking through baby meal idea books I got given for some new purée/finger food ideas and it’s all “make your own ketchup” this, “make your own fish fingers” that 🤔. I hardly have enough time to go to the toilet alone without A-O demanding my attention. 

So today I’ve whipped up the extent of my mummy cuisine with carrot, parsnip, butternut squash and sweet potato purée and roasted butternut squash “chips”. I’m off to the shops to buy her some birds eye fish fingers 🐟 😂#justkidding #ithink 

Thankfully Amelia-Olive has toon to foods like a fish to water. I started weaning her and four and half months (shh, don’t tell the health visitor) and I’ve always strived to give her healthy solid meals to help her grow.

She’s now on 3 meals a day, sometimes some finger food snacks if we’re out and she wants something off my plate and has dropped a bottle resulting to her her being on 4 x 8oz bottles a day. 

Breakfast is always porridge…always. It always has to be Mamia porridge from Aldi, I’ve tried all the other brands even Ella’s Kitchen – but nope, she just prefers her Mamia. Which is great for mummy as it’s a lot cheaper than the other competitors. 

Lunch depends if we’re going out or in a rush, if so it’s a sachet. This time only Ella’s Kitchem will do – the little food snob! If I’ve got more time it will be a sandwich, crumpet, piece of toast or a fruit bowl of some of her favourite fruits blended.

I always like to do a home made dinner with some some carbs (mash or sweet potato mash) and some sort of veg purée (carrot, parsnip, butternut squash, broccoli, ect) I have a dessert at dinner so I believe she should too, whether that’s a yoghurt or custard pot or a little bit of my brownie (it was just one time okay promise!) 

My daughter is happy (very happy most days) and her weight is absolutely perfect for her height and age currently. Whether or not you make everything homemade (I applaude you mummies 👏🏻)  or choose quick and sachets and jars, make sure you and your baby enjoy feeding time together because I can already see my baby becoming more independent and depending on me less to feed her and eventually she won’t need me at all! Weaning is definitely nothing to be afraid of and hopefully you will have a baby who *touches wood* really enjoys all the food I prepare for her! 

Below, mummy being ‘inventive’ with porridge times and my happy, very messy little girl 



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