Christmas with a baby

It’s January 3rd and over the holidays I’ve ate enough turkey to feed a small army, consumed my body weight in chocolate, taken the tree down and turned AO’s nursery in to Toys R’ Us. 

Celebrating Amelia-Olive’s first Christmas was such a magical time and something I will always remember (even if she didn’t)

My very talented Mother-in-Law made AO this beautiful Christmas memory box (below) which I have filled with her first Christmas outfit, cards from her first Christmas and photos from the day. It will be lovely to relive the magic when we have a look through the box in the future. 

Christmas with a baby will never go smoothly despite all the plans to put in place. You will overbuy presents and this means the time you’ve took to open presents will now double (four hours this year 😱) 

Forget enjoying a turkey dinner, it will without a doubt fall at the same time as your daughter’s lunch routine and youll learn to shovel turkey in with one fork full and feed your baby with the other hand. 

If your little one is mobile (my little cherub decided that a week before Christmas would be the perfect time to decide to crawl and climb) then you won’t have a minutes peace sitting on your bum (perhaps good given all the celebrations you’ve tried to stuff on your mouth)

Never the less spending Christmas as a family and with AO’s nannies and uncles was by far the best and most magical Christmas and I can’t wait till she’s a little older and can enjoy and remember the day 🎅🏻🎁

Here’s some photos of our special Christmas …


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