Amelia apparel 

One of my favourite patterns is tartan. It’s perfect for cosy winter days and can be dressed up or down. Yesterday we took Amelia-Olive to her first trip to the cinema (LaLaLand 👌🏻) and for a little play with her nanny. I absolutely loved this outfit and because it’s dark (except the top) it hid all the baby food stains! 

  • White long sleeved top – £4 from Next 
  • Skirt with red tights – Next
  • Sleepless fillet – Next (I threw the labels away without checking the prices but can all be found on
  • Red little mouse shoes – £4 from Tu @ Sainsbury’s 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcy. Bonnachero says:

    Amelia. Olive looked extra pretty yesterday. Nanny loves you in tartan. Mummy always turns you out so well. Love you xxxxxxx


    1. Thank you lovely! You chose it so have great taste! Love you xxxxxxxx


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