Month number 1…

It’s nearly the end of January and I should know as it’s my birthday tomorrow 🎉🎉 (27 years old and looking at least five years older after nearly 9 months of being a parent – ha ha!)

But this post isn’t about my Birthday or turning a year older as I’m pretty bloody happy at where I “am” at this point in my life. Though if you want to wish my a Happy Birthday, my favourite wine is Rose Bearfoot and I love all varieties of Chocolate 😉

It’s been my first month being a full time mum. Being unemployed. With absolutely no safety net. Did I mention I suffer from OCD and anxiety tendacies that get worse when I don’t feel safe or secure? Yup…

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not always rainbows and sprinkles. I’m not living some lavish lifestyle which means me and my daughter can go out every day with hubbys plastic. 

It’s about shopping at budget supermarkets and eating a lot of pasta. It’s about wondering how you can make £9 last a week until your last scrap of maternity pay. It’s about being so insecure your husband resents you not working even when he tells your over and over he doesn’t and you argue and it hurts because like you do your daughter you love him more than life itself. It’s about your car handle breaking this month and wondering how you’re going to afford to bloody well pay for the repair whilst you’re daughter desperately needs a new car seat. But most of all it’s about this girl …

This amazing, smart, beautiful little girl who deserves and wants nothing more than to spend every day with her mummy and just being genuinely happy with what she’s got. I’m definitely not criticising  any mum’s out there who need to work because they are single parents or they need to combine their income with their partners to pay the mortgage. Or even those mum’s who despair at the idea of not having adult conversation all day – that’s fine too! Do what makes you happy mummy 😘.  Every situation is different and I’m so bloody stoked that my current situation means I can spend every day with my daughter. 

As I mentioned my little girl just loves laughing and doing the simple things. She doesn’t care my floor has smudges of dairylea finger prints on it or that her mummy has about five outfits that actually fit. She doesn’t care her bedroom is tiny and we can’t give her all the newest toys Argos has to offer. This week we took an impromptu (FREE) visit to Pets at Home and she spent more time enjoying the rabbits than some of her actual toys. It’s all about making fun with what you have and not worrying about what you don’t. 

So as I’m now embracing this budget lifestyle, here’s what we did this month that cost next to nothing; 

  1.  Made some handmade Valentines cards using craft materials we already had around our home – I will show you them next month!
  2. Took advantage of as many free Children’s centre baby classes we could – we love baby sensory and I bet it’s just as good as paid classes
  3. Developed some photos at FreePrints using the app and did a scrap book of Amelia-Olive’s first Christmas
  4. Made our own pizza’s ! 🍕🍕 Okay she didn’t really help to make them but enjoyed eating them
  5. Set a target of walking at least a 5000 steps a day and had lots of walks


  1. Children centres are a life saver! Happy Birthday. We are on month 6 of my maternity and only just getting by, worth it though!


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