What to expect – part 1 : Pregnancy

It’s the start of a new year and already I’ve seen Social media awash with baby scan and pregnancy announcements. Talking to a close friend about her new pregnancy has made me realise just how much has changed in the 9 months I’ve been a mother to my daughter. It’s unbelievable to think in a few short months my 2016 baby will be one years old and no longer a newborn. 

So although I’ve only had the one child and I’m no way the expert in motherhood or parenting I’ve wrote my honest to God, completely truthful account of what to expect (when you’re expecting – ha see what I did there) 

Carrying a baby for 40 weeks (or 42 in my case) CAN be the most nerve wracking waiting game you ever have to play. Imagine the doctors waiting room, opening your A-Levels and waiting for a text back from your crush. Add all that together. And multiply it by 58283848559. There you have how much anxiety pregnancy can bring. I’m not saying this to scare you, it’s also the most magical time you can ever experience. Hearing that heartbeat for the first time? You can’t imagine anything better. Until you feel those kicks. Until you see those limbs contorting your tummy. Until you see that face looking up at you. All the stress is worth it. 

 No one will ever have the same pregnancy experience as you so there’s no point comparing bumps, nurseries or the movement of someone else’s baby. Enjoy yours because although it’s long it’s also gone in the blink of an eye and you would do anything to relive it. Take photos of your bump (you don’t have to share it online but do it for yourself) Start a pregnancy journal to remember every part of your adventure – I never did this but I wish I had. Start a baby book ready for all the hundreds of photos you will develop in the first few weeks and download and use FreePrints for tonnes of free photos each month. 

I mentioned not comparing baby movement to someone else’s. This is so incredibly important. Remember what is “normal” for you and not someone else. It is so important to know your babies movmements. There’s a lot of myths about baby movements.

Babies kick less near the end of your pregnancy because they run out room. False. Babies are still incredibly active near the end of a pregnancy. Call a midwife/maternity ward if you feel less movements than usual. 

I can hear my babies heartbeat on a doepler, my baby must be fine. False. Hearing a heartbeat doesn’t mean a baby is still healthy if there are reduced movements. Call a midwife/maternity ward if you feel less movements than usual.

And breathe. That’s the seriousness over. Now time for that all important ‘S’ word……no not that, that got you in to this situation 🤦🏼‍♀️😂. 


 Baby swag. 

I’m Serena and I’m addicted to baby clothes. Look I said it. It’s out there. When I found out I was pregnant I waited till I was about 14 weeks pregnant before I started spending. My mum however waited till about 9 weeks, but hey that’s grand parents, they will spoil them like the children they had (Oh wait no they did have children they just can’t resist treating them haha) 

I didn’t have a baby shower but when people started coming round I was inundated with babygrows, sleepsuits and pretty much all of the baby clothes section from all four major supermarkets. All 0-3. The pile was massive and thankfully the 3 clothes changes a day meant she did get to wear everything, however I’d suggest asking if people could get you bigger sizes for the future months. 

Items that I found were as useful as a chocolate teapot included scratch mits (hardly kept on and my baby didn’t scratch) a pile of hats (unless they are a winter baby they only wear them in hospital when they’re born) talcum powder (stick to Johnson’s moisturiser and be done with it) and a baby bath (only in it for a few months I should have just got the one that sits in an adult bath and been done with it)

My-you-must-but-this-now-list includes wipes wipes wipes, a cold water steriliser (so much cleaner than electric and no burning risk) clothes with as many poppers as possible and dummy straps so you never lose those pesky little things. And girls, buy your pregnant friend a mummy clip for her pram. One word: lifesaver. 

There you go! A married, one daughter, occasional blogger, Instagram lover, first time mum’s account of pregnancy! 👶🏻


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