What to expect – Part 2 : Becoming a parent 

When that little squishy human is placed kicking and screaming in to your arms, you like myself, will hopefully feel deliriously happy, incredibly sore and are face to face with “the fear”.

 You’ve become a mum. You’re a parent. You’ve joined that mysterious club whose membership basically states your life has changed forever. 

Days get more hectic. Nights become a constant battle to get more than four hours sleep a night and a quick trip to the shops becomes a military operation. 

You suddenly become aware of  vaccination results, spots that don’t disappear under a glass and the threat of (and in no particular order) cyber bullies, paedophiles, dangerous dogs and terrorists. It’s a scary world out there 😬. 

“The fear” as I previously mentioned is the reason I’ll hold my daughter that bit longer. From the minute A-O was born I know I’ll spend the rest of my life protecting her. I can’t even entertain the idea of her life being ruined or even shortened by circumstances in my control and so thats reason I won’t be letting her cry it out when she’s sad. When she falls over, I’ll be picking her up and kissing her pain away. If she still wants to go to sleep cuddling her blanket when she’s nearly ten, I’m going to let her. I would have a happy little girl who can sometimes be clingy but who would rather be in my arms than on her own. 

When she’s old enough to to use social media,  Me and her Dad will teach the importance of online safety. In “real life” too, we’ll teach her never to take sweets from strangers or go anywhere with someone she doesn’t know. We’ll teach her the importance of self confidence, self value and being kind to all. I don’t want her to be the bully or the bullied. 

But of course, becoming a parent isn’t all doom and gloom and worrying about the next disaster looming around each corner  (thank goodness! 👏🏻) 

Every day is a completely new adventure and no day is the same. 

In the past 9 1/2 months we’ve been to baby massage, baby sensory, texture tots. We’ve been to the parks, the beach, made Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards, spent birthday together and are currently planning a 1st Birthday for her. 

 It’s a cliché but mine and my husband’s life has never been the same since becoming parents and I know our lives have changed for the better as we’ve become better people. 

If we had the money and the home of our dreams right now I’d do it all again because it’s worth every worry, every grey hair and every blue day. 



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