A poem for Amelia-Olive

We recently had a naming ceremony for our daughter and along with some beautiful readings by her daddy, nanny and godmother, I also wrote her an original poem I’d love her to treasure when she’s older. 

Once upon a time,

A few years ago.

A boy met a girl,

And their love did grow.

They went on dates – cinema and Nando’s,

They even went to the beach.

They fell in love in a couple of months,

Their happily ever after seemed in reach.

September 12th two thousand and fifteen,

She took his last name.

She couldn’t drink on her wedding day,

But she didn’t think it was a shame.
A baby was growing inside her,

Changing her body every day.

A beautiful girl named Amelia-Olive,

And here we are on her naming day.

So family and friends,

This is her beginning – her start.

I ask nothing more from you all,

But to keep her always in your heart ❤️



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