What makes me happy on #internationaldayofhappiness

I’ve seen a lot of lists today of all the lovely things in life and what we should be appreciative for. On #internationaldayofhappiness here is my happy list 🌈

  • My daughter’s laugh and just seeing my daughter happy in general
  • Seeing my husband talk about his passionate
  • A sunny but not too warm day
  • Daffodils growing to indicate the start of Spring 
  • My mum’s ever forgiving nature 
  • Seeing the love between my daughter and my husband grow and grow 
  • Baby animals
  • Freshly baked cookies
  • My photo albums filled with all our adventures
  • People never giving up on their dreams (I cried seeing a woman of 86 learning how to read for the first time – it’s never too late!!)
  • Disney world – its my dream to go back there again with A-O
  • A strawberry and lime cider 
  • Making the perfect bow headband for A-O 
  • Making a big deal of the holidays (especially Halloween)
  • A clean house

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