How to picnic with a baby and what do you actually need?

We’ve knew for the past few days the sun was coming. Weather forecasts told us it would be the hottest day of year so far and the excitement was building. By the day before there was a group of men shuffling over to the fresh meat section at the supermarket mumbling those three very important letters. B. B. Q. 

So when Sunday came, the Thornton family were armed with sun cream, hats, sunglasses and the all important picnic. 

The last time we had a picnic Amelia-Olive was about 4 months old and although she had started eating by this point, it was nothing like the delicacies she got to try yesterday. She was in her pram at the last picnic unable to see even where she was. This time she sitting on the picnic blanket, crawling about on the grass and even standing up people watching (like mummy, like daughter) 

It was obvious how much our little girl had changed in just a few months and although it hurt seeing her grow so quick, the amount of new experiences we could share with her now was extremely special. 

Of course by today, temperatures had dropped, bbqs were being put away and the tights are back on but it definitely was a great start to all the lovely outdoor things we could hopefully do as a family all Spring/Summer. Fingers crossed for a great British Summer 🤞🏻☀️.

Here’s what’s in my bag for a day in the sun…

  • Nappy, wipes and nappy bags – you never know where there’s going to be a toilet or if you need to do a quick change on the grass
  • A sun hat – to protect their delicate scalp 
  • Baby sunglasses – if they will keep them on (!)
  • Tissues
  • A drink – keeping a baby dehydrated is so important during those warmer months. I usually take a snack out too but there was a lot of picnic food
  • A high factor sunscreen – me and AO are so fair skinned so it’s factor 50 for us
  • Dummy – we try to keep her dummy free for as much of the day as possible but always good to have for an unexpected meltdown 

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