Our first Easter as a family 

I love Easter, I always have. I love the 4 day weekend. I love spending time with my family and I love stuffing my face full of my favourite Easter eggs (Cadburys all the way 😍)

Last Easter I was very very pregnant waiting for my own little Easter egg to arrive.

This Easter, me and hubby have our beautiful little 11 month old daughter and we’ve all  had such a lovely weekend. Because she’s more toddler than baby she’s been so alert and she’s really understood everything. She’s been part of two egg hunts (one in our house and one in her nanny’s lovely garden) 

She’s visited Clacton for the first time and ate chips, went on a ride and watched her mummy, daddy and nanny fail to win a toy from those pesky crane machines! 

She wore a variety of beautiful outfits and Easter-wear including a bunny headband and a bonnet I decorated for her.

And of course we’ve all had lots of chocolate. 

Whilst I’m not the type of mum that completely bans my child from having chocolate I also want my child to grow up happy and healthy and believe everything should be given in moderation and so she’s allowed one piece of her Easter treats each day (as long as she eats her vegetables and fruit before hand!) 

As you can see we really have had the most wonderful few days and now the next occasion will be her 1st Birthday and I can’t wait!



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