A daily routine of a stay at home mum and a (nearly) 1 year old 👩🏻👶🏼

I’ll be honest with you. Don’t shoot me down though ok? Before AO I prejudged stay at home mum’s. 🙈

I couldn’t understand what they did all day long and why they wasn’t working. Little did I know, I’d soon be one.

When I found out I was pregnant I was working as a receptionist at a local business 10 miles down the road. I enjoyed my job and believed I would go back to it. As I got more and more pregnant and driving with a massive bump became more difficult I realised how far a 20 mile trip was every day. And then I had AO. My normal wage reduced down to statutory maternity pay and I looked in to child care costs. I couldn’t believe how much it was going to cost me and my husband. As well as that I was going to miss my little girl. Five full days away from her? I couldn’t imagine it. 

So we made the decision for me to be a stay at home mummy. Don’t get me wrong it’s bloody hard financially. We’re not entitled to any help from the government and is child benefit is streeeeeeetched to its limit every month. But, without a doubt, I would choose AO every single time. Every poonami explosion, every time I get the hoover out to clean up another mess and every public meltdown is worth it when I get that smile and here “mummy” 😍.

So here’s our routine…

06:30 – morning bottle

06:40 – kick to the face

06:45 – kick in the chest. AO falls back to sleep

07:30 – wake up and change nappy

08-00 – massive poo 💩💩 change nappy again. Chase AO around room to get nappy on. Get her dressed

08:15 – breakfast time. I feed AO one spoonful of porridge whilst trying to spoon feed by self too. AO finishes her porridge and wants me to feed her mine too

08:25 – clothes have porridge on, change in to outfit #2

08:30-09:30 – play time 

09:35 – go for a shower and put AO in her walker to keep my eyes on her. Give her toothbrush/bath toys/toilet roll to distract her whilst I shower

09:40 – see toilet roll has been thrown in toilet…dry on radiator

09:45-11:00 – AO nap. A little mummy time to read/watch tv/tidy up the toys from earlier 

11:10-12:00 – play time. Get toys back out that have been tidied away

12.00 – lunch time. Ensure we have food made at exactly the same time to keep her distracted whilst I eat mine

12.30 – AO’s done a poonami and its exploded through her nappy. Change nappy and wonder if a pack of wipes is enough or whether to just plonk baby in bath. Outfit #3

13:00 – go out. Whether it’s a class, meeting hubby for lunch or just a simple walk we like to go out and get some air and get that step counter up!

15.00 – AO falls asleep. Mummy gets out book

15:15 – AO wakes up

17:00 – yay Daddy is coming home, we can share the load!

18:00 – daddy feeds AO whilst mummy eats. Daddy eats whilst mummy feeds AO dessert 

19:00 – bath, nappy change and in to pj’s. Story time

19:30 – milk

19:45 – AO falls asleep. Places her in cot

20:00 – AO wakes up. Mummy picks AO back up. AO goes back to sleep

20:30 – Put AO in cot

20:45 – AO wakes up. Mummy picks AO back up. AO goes back to sleep

21:00 – mummy puts AO back in cot and crosses fingers! 🤞🏻

21:30 – mummy and daddy fall asleep watching tv

22:00 – mummy and daddy go to bed

02:00 – AO wakes up and comes on to bed with us 
…and here we go again 😍😀


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