A love letter to you A-O, on your 1st Birthday 

To my dearest Amelia-Olive,

You’ve just turned 1 (05.05.17) and me, you, Daddy and all your family and friends had the most amazing day with you. We went to the zoo, we had a Minnie Mouse party, a unicorn party and a cake smash to document your first year of being you 💗.

You are the most beautiful, kind, good natured little girl I’ve ever known. You share toys and your food with other babies and your parents. There isn’t a bad bone in you body and I thank your lovely Daddy for giving you his calm temperament, his good heart and dare I say his good looks too. 

I could sit and watch you all day long when you have that curious, inquisitive look upon your face trying to work out how toys work or how you can get mummy and daddy’s attention. 

You have blown us away with your achievements in the first year of your life. You held your head up with him a couple of months. You learnt to roll over, crawl and pull yourself up waaaay before we expected. You even learnt to take steps a month before your first Birthday (even beating me and Daddy when we were babies) 

Of course there are days that are challenging. You’re a very independent woman and that means you can get frustrated when you can’t do what you want to do. Teething is bad and you’ve really suffered over the past year. But these bad days are fair and few and I can’t tell you enough how much I love spending every day with you 😍.

From the very minute – second – you was placed in my arms, I fell so in love with you and I continue to love you that little bit more every single day. I may have given life to you, but you have given my life meaning baby girl.

The first year of your life has been mine and Daddy’s absolute favourite  year ever and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives loving you. 

Happy 1st Birthday beautiful girl, love mummy xxx


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