Why Father’s Day is really important 💗

Me and my mum have always been close. Sure, sometimes we fight like sisters but I would trust her with my life and she really is my best friend. Me and my dad however, well that’s a different ball game. Hand on heart I’m not sure whether he was always jealous of the love between me and my mum, or he just never liked me. (Cue small violin) 

But enough about me. 

It’s now the start of June which means not only a expensive month with my husband and best friend’s birthday but also Father’s Day (Chris’ 2nd)

Whether it’s his first, his second, eighth or even thirtieth Father’s Day, I believe every single one of them should be celebrated – and here’s why. 

Daddy’s really do get the short straw of most of this parenting lark. We mummies spend our days with them seeing their first giggles, smiles and their first steps. We brush their teeth, show them how to use a knife and fork and subsequently get the majority of their love and attention even when Daddy is home from work. It’s easy to see how men (like my Dad for example) could get jealous. 

It breaks my heart when AO settles for me or follows me out of the room and hubby looks crest fallen. But I know on days like today, when I left AO with him for a hour, I know she can without a doubt be left with him because she loves and trusts him. I encourage as much father-daughter time whenever possible and make sure Chris knows how much AO loves him 

From the start this Daddy ^^ has helped with night feeds, the burping, the mess and that marmite poo on the first day and numerous nappy changes after that. He’s spent every day working his arse off to keep a roof over our head and food on our table. He never stops trying to support me and make sure I’m happy and feeling okay. He’s took numerous verbal attacks when I’ve felt like absolute sh*t after a sleepless night or AO’s played me something rotten!

This isn’t a love letter to my hubby (though I bloody love him and wouldn’t have managed this last year without him) it’s a love letter to all you Daddy’s out there who put their children before themselves every hour of every day or every month of every year…….
Whether it’s a card, some glitter covered macaroni stuck on a hand made painting, a meal out, a meal in or just a nice sentimental gift make sure on June 18th those Daddy’s know how much we care 🙌🏻👨🏻


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