Why I love being a SAHM (and why you should too💗)

As you know if you’ve been reading my blogs (thank you if you have!!) I’ve been out of work since leaving my full time job April 2016 and telling them I wouldn’t be returning this January. It’s without a doubt the best choice I’ve ever made. Sure, the days can be long without a back and forth conversation. Yes okay, it’s almost impossible to stretch your child benefit over a month and perhaps yeah, you’ve not brought a new outfit in at least 5829247 days. BUT, here’s why I wouldn’t change it for the world

  • The first moments ➡️  I’ve pretty much been the first to see AO do everything. Her first roll, crawl, walk. I’ve been the one there ready to record it to show Chris and the family and if nothing else it’s made all the sacrifices worth it being there to see everything 
  • No judgements ➡️  From bitchy girls at school, to condescending colleagues to dealing with the opinions of cliché mum’s there always seems to be someone that wants to put you down. Being a SAHM mum means it’s you and them. This little person that in their eyes you are pretty much the best person in the world. No judgement what so bloody ever…even if you do raid the biscuit barrel for elevenses …a lunchtime treat…and at half past 3 💁🏻
  • No deadlines ➡️ Remeber that Sunday night dread of all the emails you have to respond to Monday AND THEN bloody Susan dumps more metaphorical sh*t on your desk. Yep…none of that. You can push the washing a few more days until you literally have to force it in with the brute strength of a ten tonne elephant to make it fit. Okay you’re wearing your skanky old underwear until you’ve washed but no one knows. Oh until now…
  • You appreciate Summer ➡️ Last year was just just me and the hunny desperately keeping our head above water whilst making sure our newborn baby was fed/clothed/not too hot/not too cold/was coated in sunscreen to even enjoy summer. On top of that a complicated Caesarian delivery (read about that here) it meant every step felt like my whole stomach was coming apart again I just wanted to stay inside and melt with a permantely warm baby attached to my arm or boob. This Summer we’ve already spent pretty much every day out enjoying ourselves and AO’s been practising her walking (and running) and loving every second outside. You could not tempt me in to a stuffy office with Hummimgbird bakery…or Rob Delaney…or…sorry I was mildly distracted by an image of my crush in a pile of cupcakes. Moving on.
  • You can wear what the flip you want every day ➡️  No office wear and pj’s at 11am with no judgement. Nothing else to add. 
  • You realise who your friends are ➡️ Gone are the days where everyone wants a cuddle with the newest bundle of joy. Texts become less frequent and likes don’t happen on your daughters photos quite  as much but that’s okay. Because your friends will remember her birthday and Christmasses. They will ask how she is. They will see a post where you mention she isn’t well and ask you how she is. 

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